Danish quality websites

Coming to a new country it can be hard to figure out, which sites are trustworthy, and which are not - Denmark is no exception. There are tons of e-commerce websites, and these are some of the biggest, where you can always expect top quality products in original design, as well as good customer service and professional personal.

Home / Garden / Furniture
          www.M√•ltidskasseguiden.dk (dinner to your door all over Denmark)
          Bolig Journalen (news, tips & testing kitchen appliances)
          Kop og kande (designer handicrafts)
          MurphyBedHQ.com (Wall beds)
          GoDownsize.com (furniture for small spaces)

IT / computer / GPS
          Refurb.dk (laptops and computers)
          Cykelpartner.dk (cykel computers)
          Netkablet.dk (broadband, fiber and domain registration)
          Thansen (GPS)
          Forbrugstest (Product testing)

Here you can find important websites regardin legal stuff, to help you get started in the legal system of Denmark.

   Aktivloven, og social politics
   Besk√¶ftigelsesindsatsloven, (working enviroment)
   Fagmagasinet (unemployment insurance in Denmark)
   Pensionsloven og social service (pension and social service)
   Sundhedsloven (heath in Denmark)
   Sygedagpengeloven, (info on work and sickness)

These websites will point you to important information about e.g. the ministry of Integration, health etc. A good place to learn about Danish culture.

Northern Architecture

          Aarhus Arkitekter



    Indenrigs- og Sundhedsministeriet